Feel Joy

Feel Joy

12 Days To Feel Joy

If you are struggling to begin a daily practice and lacking the motivation, then this course is for you.

This course comes in 5 parts. 

4 x 3 minute practices, that’s it. In just 3 minutes a day, you will begin to open the energy channels and release trapped emotions that are held in the organs of the body. You will begin to get a taste of the changes that can happen when you commit to a regular daily practice. At the end we will combine what you have learnt in a 12 minute Qigong flow to help you move forward in your practice. 

  • File Format

    These practices come on a PDF for you to download with links to the practices that you can practice as many times as you like and keep forever. 


    1. The Inner Smile Standing Meditation
    2. The Breath of Joy
    3. Shake The Tree
    4. Cloud Hands
    5. Feel your joy Qigong Flow 
    6. Daily Qigong and Mood Tracker - XTRA FREE DOWNLOAD 

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