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My yoga journey began over 17 years ago while living with my family near The Victoria Falls, Livingstone, Zambia. I discovered one of my greatest passions in life and I became a Vinyasa Yoga teacher after training at The Haum of Yoga in South Africa. Little did I know that my journey had only just begun and 

7 years ago I returned to the U.K. to live in the beautiful West Dorset countryside. I began to notice the early signs that all women go through but are never really ready for and are rarely discussed. The changes were subtle, at first - irregular periods, restless legs at nightime, waking up in a hot sweat in the middle of the night, forgetting the end of a sentence or a common word, tiredness and lack of motivation. Finally, I realised that I was experiencing the first signs of Perimenopause.

I continued to teach Vinyasa Yoga, whichI still love but, in my own practice I was definitely enjoying a less dynamic style more often and it was then that I discovered the amazing benefits of Qigong Flow - and so the two became one.

My QiFlow classes now draw on both of these ancient practices and all of the tools that I used along my Menopause journey. I enjoy a flowing, moving meditation, a dynamic relaxation that can release tightness in the joints, relieve anxiety, boost immunity and help to manage emotions to ultimately create balance in body and mind. Meno classes incorporate movement, sound vibration, breath-work, self-massage,

body tapping, relaxation and meditation, helping you to connect with your body, mind and breath. Everyone is encouraged to go at their own pace, listen to their body and find their inner smile.

At the age of 51 and having successfully negotiated 6 years of Perimenopause, I am finding ways daily to embrace the Menopause. I now use my knowledge & experience in my classes and I have created "The Meno Years Essential Toolkit"  An online 8 week course that incorporates the best of Yoga and Qigong to help you navigate through this transition. These practices can be used alongside HRT and other practices. 

 I hope I can make the idea of perimenopause, menopause and life beyond a positive one, and help you through this transformation to become empowered & healthy and to wholeheartedly and holistically embrace your  Second Spring. Your journey has only just begun. Bev x 


" I see menopause as the start of the next fabulous phase of life as a women. Now is the time to "tune in" to our bodies and embrace this new chapter"

Kim Cattrall

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People often ask me how Yoga & Qigong can benefit their lives. I see it as a personal practice which affects everyone differently. Read how my QiFlow classes help clients through their testimonials.


My favorite moments in Bev's yoga class have always involved her telling me to do something I have never considered before... in positions I have done millions of times! Enquiry lies at the core of practice and being asked to investigate your attitude and your alignment and breath deepens the experience every time. In a world where so much is repetition it is a wonderful surprise when you find there is more to what you thought you knew!  

Sanja Cloete - Jones

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