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Qi means energy or life force & Gong translates to work. In Qigong we link breath with movement to move energy through the organs & meridian channels of the body to release blockages using dynamic relaxation. It incorporates standing flows, breath work, body tapping and massage, sound, visualisation and meditation to cultivate Qi & learn to work with our own life force energy. Qigong flow is between 30 - 45  minutes often followed by floor based yoga, meditation, breath work or relaxation. 


Yoga Shred classes are designed to give you maximum benefit in the least amount of time. Classes are high energy HIIT (high intensity interval training) to firm, tighten, tone & strengthen. Using yoga based moves & great alignment. Options are offered for each move & you are encouraged to go at your own pace & respect your body. However these classes will move faster than the other elements of Meno Years & are offer maximum calorie burning in fun , short bursts with a yoga inspired warm up & cool down.


 Face yoga works by strengthening specific muscle groups in the face & neck. It brings blood flow to the face to tone, plump & brighten the area. It has been shown to be effective in reducing wrinkles & jowls, over time, if practiced regularly. 


Yin yoga is a deeply relaxing class that uses yoga postures (asanas) & longer holds, using traditional Chinese medicine principles to open up the energy lines through the body. Leaving you with a deep sense of peace and wellbeing. It targets the deep connective tissue - facia, ligaments, joints & even bones in a slower more meditative style of yoga to stretch & lengthen. 

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